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However, if a money order is spoiled or damaged, you can request a replacement money order, write your name as the recipient, and then cash the money order." Here are instructions on how a money order payee can request a money order refund through Western Union. I took it to Walmart but they said that they could not refund me and suggested me to contact Money Gram…I am confused. 1 decade ago. We appreciate your time you give to help others out. This Site Might Help You. Many sellers of money orders, such as the U.S. If you’d like to find out if there are any other steps available to you or you’d like to make a complaint, you can reach Western Union customer service directly on the Customer Care page of the WU website. My Profile ... Money Orders; Returns & Exchanges; Search the Postal Store: Keyword or SKU. The USPS handles delivery of your mailpiece, so even if the postage on your mailpiece is printed via the platform, the USPS will be responsible for the refund. Si viene el money order de Western Union, hay que llenar este formulario – el Money Order Customer Request. You can check up on a Western Union request form by contacting Western Union customer service here. “On your computer or mobile device, go to Money Order Research Request form. A money order is a financial instrument that can be refunded, according to Western Union. It costs $18. If all three stubs are all together, it’s possible that Western Union will realize the mistake and process it appropriately — but the form might not be accepted at all. USPS Pickup On Demand® refunds can be requested online if the service wasn't performed according to its service features. Great site. You could also submit a stop payment request with your bank, which would stop the payee from cashing the check — but there is a fee associated with stop payment requests. But in this case, only you or the listed recipient can do anything with it. $30 is a ridiculous fee for a $45.00 check. If i dont have any money for fees how can i go about getting the money back from the money order. Find the shipping service you used listed below and review the How to Apply details to see what is eligible for a refund, when to apply, and what you'll need to apply. Our content does not substitute a professional consultation. It was stolen from a post office drop box and I found out about a week later as my apartment manager was asking me when I was going to pay the rent. The money order was return back to me I have the original money order but I lost the receipt. If the money order hasn’t been filled out yet, the easiest thing to do is simply fill out your own name as the payee and then cash it (either with your own bank, which will be the easiest, or at Walmart). The USPS website is absolutely worthless and tells me nothing about the status of the money order when I enter the serial number and apparently I need the customer receipt to begin the 30-60+ day process of trying to retrieve the information about the status of the money order such as whether it has been cashed or lost or whatever but all I have is the long white one which still has the serial number and amount listed on it. Combined Money Order Form: 1085 KB: NPS Account Opening Forms; Form Description Download File Size; CSRF - Registration Form for opening of NPS Account : 848 KB: Annexure I to CSRF - Tier II details: 242 KB: Annexure II to CSRF - Additional requests: 141 KB : Annexure III to CSRF - Additional Nomination Form: 162 KB: NCIS - NPS Contribution Instruction Slip: 384 KB: Covering letter for CSRF - from POP SP … Turns out the address I sent it to was the wrong address. I agree that it is a terribly frustrating policy. We guarantee to refund destroyed or uncashed money orders after 45 days (the $7.50* fee paid for each money order is non-refundable). The ATG Order Number, Tracking Number, or OPI Confirmation Number and the corresponding date of the Online Package Intercept request you are requesting a refund for The reason for the refund request Your request will be processed in 2-3 business days. Hello, When using the Money Order Research Request form: signature is required and you must have it notarized. I am sorry to hear of your frustrating attempts to get a hold of MoneyGram! Does it mean that the money order has to be … It looks like the IRS offers a number of fillable forms as PDFs, including a W-9 form. But you have to go back to your local post office in person to receive it. The Moneh order was 2 months ago. Each USPS Tracking Number can only be used for one refund request. The limit is $500 per order for El … Only the person who paid for extra service. Postal Service, cash them if they have the cash on hand, while some sellers might not cash them at all. on the Western Union Fraud Awareness page. I can’t find my customer receipt (the part that rips off the top off the money order) but I did find the regular long white receipt the post office gave me with my transaction that has the date and time and location along with the serial number of the money order and the amount. I have the money order and reciept can they give me the money back. Where you see, Track Labels, select Refund Labels from the dropdown list. Fill out the form. The advantage of sending money to someone through money order is that the money is delivered at the house or his place of stay. Skip Business Links Business. Include this information in your email: EDDM Retail® refunds can be requested online and at the Post Office, depending upon how you placed the order and whether you have dropped it off. Log in to international money transfers. Submit it with all available documents* showing you as purchaser, and the $30 USD nonrefundable processing fee to the address listed on the form. If USPS needs more information to process your request it will take longer than 2–3 business days. Le costará $6. Unfortunately, you typically cannot get that check back, regardless of whether the money order was cashed. Walmart is right — you do need to get a hold of MoneyGram. What can I do to get a refund? Best of luck with your refund! I assume you still have the money order and the receipt then? I made a mobile deposit with my bank (have done so many times), it was returned as “altered or fictitious” from my bank. Cancellation request submitted after 5 a.m. (local time) on the day of the scheduled pickup. Hello, Sherian! I called to track it and it said it hasn’t been cashed. No need to send any place the original money order. I called back then and was told it needed to be cashed. If your money order was fraudulently cashed by a person who was not the intended recipient, obtaining a refund becomes more … Since the money order is made out to herself, the tenant could also cash it like any other money order. You can reach Western Union customer service at 1-800-999-9660 or by visiting the Customer Care page on the Western Union website. I have the receipt & everything with me. ©2013 - 2021 More Holdings LLC | All Rights Reserved. Can I get my check for $18 back? Unfortunately, there will be a processing fee for the inquiry, regardless of which company is involved. Can I get a refund at the post office with the costumers receipt which I have? As noted in Circle K’s money order policy, Circle K itself will not refund your money order; you will need to follow the instructions for a MoneyGram refund. I sent a money order with a from and it was returned, with a stamp on it from the facility it was sent to, due to insufficient funds. If it was a Western Union money order, you can have the issue investigated with or without a receipt. You may have gone through a different process, since it sounds like your request form wasn’t printed or notarized, so it may be worth contacting a Western Union agent to be sure that everything is in order with your request form (the Western Union customer service number is 1 (800) 325-6000). I filled out refund request online…how do I send the $30 fee? Bring the receipt and offer to give them the void money order and you should be able to get a refund. Once your order ships, a tracking number will be assigned and it will appear in your order information. Best of luck getting this resolved! Search To get your money back for the money order, you should be able to write “Not used for purpose intended” along with your signature on the endorsement line, then deposit the money order at your bank just like you would with a normal check. Replacement Process Shown, Do Money Orders Expire? JOSEPH HIGHTOWER says U.S. postal investigators agree he got ripped off last year when he bought a $600 money order to pay his rent. First, I would recommend calling your local store or going back there to ask whether they can refund, or if they have a lost or stolen money order form you could use to get a refund. Contact Us If you have money order related questions, please email the Accounting Help Desk or call 1-866-974-2733 . Since you have the receipt, you can fill out the refund request on the back of the receipt and send it, along with the processing fee, to Western Union. Now i have the reciept but not the money order.. its lost in my house somewhere in an envelope. Go this page of their website for instructions on how to do so. PO BOXES; PASSPORTS; FREE BOXES; Enter Search term for Search According to Western Union, a money order purchaser may request a refund by completing and signing a tracing-refund request. Unfortunately, the process will take a bit of time and cost you some extra money. You have to request a refund through MoneyGram on this one. Go to Site Index. You may be asked to show a photo ID when you deposit it. ), you may be able to bring that along with your current ID to have the money order cashed. We have updated our article to include this information. Our products and services. You will receive a refund if the person who stole the money order did not cash it. Money order from USPS question - refund, correction, receipt? Shop by mail order. on the Customer Care page of the WU website. I called to request a stop payment on the money order but the process of western union did not stop it in time and it was cashed is there any way I can still get my refund. The reason that so many places are reluctant to cash money orders is largely due to the risk of cashing a fraudulent money order. Requesting a Refund; Skip Search Search Effective March 12, 2020, the Postal Service™ is revising Handbook F-101, Field Accounting Procedures, in various sections to increase the cash refund limit to $35. Is that legal in Massachusetts? Visit Money Orders to learn more about money order guidelines and tips. Shop our selection of Gifts on the Postal Store. Hello, Angela! I used money order from USPS to pay for a bill. Is this refund possible? Otherwise, you can request a refund through Western Union. Refunding process. While some ATMs may be set up to accept money orders, to be on the safe side I would recommend visiting a branch in-person and depositing it with a teller; this minimizes the risk of later having the funds withdrawn from your account if the bank identifies an issue with the deposit after it’s been made. (Walmart? Si viene el money order de MoneyGram, llene esta tarjeta de reclamo . Search There’s an undisclosed retention time period, after which WU does not keep personal transaction information. I have contacted moneygram 4 times to figure out the easiest way to get this money back and have gotten no replies. De esta forma, no perdiría ningun dinero. We appreciate your patience. * Postal order value between 50p and £4.99 – 50p fee. I hope this helps! If you’re not able to find somewhere to cash it with the mismatching name, unfortunately, you may have to wait until you have a new form of identification that matches the name on the money order. Current Accounts. Skip All Utility Navigation. There’s a $15 fee if you have the receipt and a $30 if you do not. Anonymous. I’m sure the records are computerized and it is a simple process. Do you have a copy of the cashed money order? b) Local refund, do not submit Form 3533 to Scanning and Imaging Center. They don’t state that this is one. I bought a money order on December 17. In the meantime my jewelry would be long gone mailed out to her. If you let me know what company the money order was issued through (MoneyGram, Western Union, USPS), I can get you the info you need to get a refund. in the form of a money order or check only. When your request is processed, you will get an email explaining the result. Hundreds of millions of dollars in money orders are never cashed. USPS refund requests cannot be made online or over the phone; you must request a refund in person at a USPS office. Yes, you can definitely make a money order out to yourself. I payed A Bill with may money Order, Misolaced the Reciept But have the Money Order . I’m in Chicago suburbs of IL and posted some of my jewelry on Craigslist. … I haven’t been able to take care of this until now. Western Union Financial Services Inc. Search Many sellers of money orders, such as the U.S. Otherwise, you’ll need to visit the issuing bank or credit union, bringing your receipt and any other proof of purchase (if available), and ask a teller to issue a stop payment for the money order.[6][7]. Requesting a Refund; Skip Search Search … She filled it out to herself and not to us. Sometimes this charge is refundable. Existing customers. If you began your EDDM order online but paid at the Post Office, you will need to request a refund at the Post Office where you paid. As far as cashing money orders, you’re right that a great number of places will sell money orders, but very few will cash them. ... but I changed my mind I have the receipt and the money order I would like my money return how can I get the refund I have had the money orders since March of this year 2015 please help tell me how to get my refund. Take the money order back to its place of purchase to try to cash it. 0 0. How to do that? I have no receipt now. What if the word void wasn’t written on the MO but it was sent back to me because it was an incorrect amount. Sent the letter with money order certified signature required tracking on the letter and once it left the post office nothing was scanned. It costs $15. Read on. Approved refunds are paid in different ways depending on the service and how you applied. Use this form if you still have the receipt, or this form if you do not. Apply for a refund at the Post Office where the PO Box is located. Domestic refunds are usually processed within 30 days from when a written request was made. I hope this helps! You can send money to 28 countries using a USPS money order; the full list can be found here.⁵ If you aren’t sure if your money order will be accepted in the country you’re sending it to, check in advance, because it could take time to have your money order refunded if you need to cancel it. Or do i have to file a claim and go through the long process of a refund? If it was purchased through MoneyGram, you’ll need to submit a claim card. The person that sent the money order can’t find the receipt. I already signed for purchaser in front of the $ order, please help…. I searched the usps FAQ website, and found the following information: "Money Orders are not eligible for a refund. Thank you for responding to these questions. Money transfers online ,contains a sub menu. I wrote it out for payment for my rent in front of person and accidentally tore the bottom right side of it where the numbers are. Top Searches. It was cashed by not by correct people. Other services ,contains a sub menu. The customer rep at western union was no help. Expect to wait up to eight weeks for a refund or new money order. I got sick and was in the hospital for awhile. Relevance. I bought a money order and wrote it to Infiniti Finance. They couldn't find all of what I needed so they sent some of the money orders back and advised me to hit another county for the … By mail: Western Union Financial Services Inc., PO Box 7030, Englewood, Colorado 80155-7030 Turns out they needed a bank check. Answered, Can I Buy a Money Order Online? Without the customer receipt, you can still request an inquiry online through the Secure Order Form, which will cost $10 in processing fees (and an additional $4 if you want the results physically mailed to you). What can I do? Top Searches. Step 1: Contact the issuer, who will ask you to start the cancellation process by completing a request form. In the case of a lost or destroyed money order, the purchaser or payee may apply for the issue of a refund or replacement money order. By email:”. Or is this not possible? How do we get a refund on it? To … It costs $6. Each refund process has different requirements. I change my mind and i want to cancel the transaction.i have the receipt of the money order.but he as the original money order but deposited at the bank can i still get a refund. Western Union will accept refund requests without a receipt, while MoneyGram will not. Posted on October 12, 2014 by postal. When prompted, select Option 3 for Small Business. Victim of money-order scam wants refund but USPS delaying payment. Call this phone number [ 1-866-974 … International business payments. I purchased a money order to put as a security deposit on an apartment. I sent a USPS money order along with an application for a license and they returned the application asking me to pay online but without the money order. Before requesting a money order refund, you should make sure the money order hasn’t been cashed by someone else; you can do this by tracking the money order. She fears to sign up with paypal, and give her bank info. Labels created within the past 30 days of label print date. Money Order Requirements Shown, Where Can You Get a Money Order? I bought a money order. It’s very unlikely that anywhere will cash a money order marked “Void” (legally, nowhere should do so). Some customers have reported that they’ve been able to do this with photo ID and the original receipt for the money order, but ultimately it will depend on the policies of the place where she purchased it and there’s definitely no guarantee that the issuer will do so. I have heard rumors from people who say they were refunded after getting a newspaper involved or by sending them a copy of police report. You can apply for a refund in person at a Post Office™ location. Hi, I bought a USPS money order for $300 to pay three months worth of pool cleaning bills and sent it out in mid October and just today found out from my pool guy (who has been my pool guy for years and is very trustworthy) just told me today that he never received it. Hello, Carolyn! Here’s how to refund your unused money order: Go to the bank or store where the money order was purchased. Are Sure Money® / (Dinero Seguro) Funds Eligible for a Refund? That way you wouldn’t loose any money. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), How to Fill Out a Money Order (MoneyGram, Western…, How to Track a Money Order from Western Union,…, do not cross out their name and write your own,,,,,, How to Fill Out a Money Order (MoneyGram, Western Union, USPS, etc), How to Track a Money Order from Western Union, MoneyGram, USPS, etc, MoneyGram, USPS, and Western Union Pick up Time Limits Listed, How to Verify a Money Order (MoneyGram, Western Union, etc), How to Check If a Money Order Was Cashed (MoneyGram, USPS, etc), Vons MoneyGram & Western Union Money Order Policies, Does Food Lion Do Money Orders (Western Union or MoneyGram)? If your refund was only partially paid or denied, you may file a dispute within 30 days of receiving the decision. I mailed 3 money orders since it was a large amount .. and they got lost in the mail, so I sent the original money order stubs to western union just today but i made a copy for my self, I just realized where it said to write full amount(each stub says that in the back) I wrote the complete amount of all 3 instead of writing the amount of other words I filled it out wrong .. …would they still accept that ? JOSEPH HIGHTOWER says U.S. postal investigators agree he got ripped off last year when he bought a $600 money order to pay his rent. For an immediate cash transfer, use Western Union. Perhaps this experience should … Today I found out the money order is cashed. Handbook F-101, Field Accounting Procedures * * * * * If a money order is lost or stolen prior to being cashed, it can be replaced. 10 to 30 days after the mailing date if an extra service was purchased with Priority Mail Express. But if I were in your place, to be on the safe side, I would likely decline the money order purchase and hold out for a buyer who can pay through a more conventional method. Yes; Refund method: Replacement money order; Processing time: Up to 60 days; Cost: $6.25; How to request a refund: If you have the blank money order, you can fill it out to yourself and cash it. But in this case, only you or the listed recipient can do anything with it. If your request is approved, the credit card associated with your account will be credited. Learn how easy the online process can be. : Date Amount Each _ $ $ Postage Value Number of Pieces Total to be Refunded Less Charges (10% of face value or $35 per hour if over $350. If you wish to make a claim for your postal order, please send your original postal order purchase receipt, along with your personal contact details, to the following address: Postal Order Correspondence Team Method of Payment Team I bought a money order from quick trip and filled it out for my apartment complex but ended up not using it. Search Close. Call (800) 999-9660, enter the 11-digit serial number on your money order receipt stub, and then press the pound sign. This will improve service to customers when refunds are necessary. Unfortunately, this process is extremely slow and can be rather expensive with any money order issuer. I would suggest calling Western Union customer service (1-800-999-9600) and asking what your next move should be. I have the money orders the original receipts the stubs from the money orders as well. My grandmother sent me money through western union in 2009. Maximum amount per money order – $999.99 ; Fee per money order – $7.50* There’s no fee to cash a Postal … Customer Help. If approved, $1.05 will be credited to the credit card charged. You can request a refund for a Money Order that has not been cashed. To request a refund, follow these steps: Additional information on each of these steps is available in the post above, including the customer service phone numbers for both companies. ), the store may direct you to contact the issuing company for further steps. United States Postal Service (USPS) Receipt required? Unfortunately, you cannot receive a refund once the money order is cashed. Unfortunately, refund tracking is typically not available online. Labels that do not already have a refund request. Thank you that is not a good policy as I told them when this all happened they lost me as a customer. hi I purchased a month order and made it out to my fuel company. Below, we detail the refund process for each major money order issuer. P.O. The USPS Package Intercept® fee ($14.65) plus any applicable postage charge may be refundable if the shipment was not intercepted. Please allow for an additional 2-3 business days for the delivery of your order. Refund requests are normally processed within 2–3 business days, unless USPS needs more information to process your request. Please advice. If the copy shows that the money order has been tampered with or altered, you may be able to request further investigation from Western Union to try to pursue a refund. I loved the insight , Does someone know where my company could possibly get access to a fillable IRS W-9 example to use ? Hello, Galina! So is there a way I can get a refund back from the money order? Some how the process was wrong and the money wasn’t loaded on my card and then won’t take the money order. Banks? I bought a money order (moneygram)at the beginning of march but wrote the wrong name on it and realized before sending it. If you can’t get the money order reprinted with the correct company name on it, you can instead write “Not used for purpose intended” on the endorsement line and add your signature, then deposit the money order at your bank. 6  It’s best to submit payment along with your cancellation request. Postal Orders are a total cash cow for the Post Office, but their policy is not to refund the fee. To verify your address online, USPS® matches your credit card billing address to your old or new address. I checked out her name, address, and phone number that matches on white pages and other sites, and will compare it to the money order upon receiving, and will call WU to verify if the M.O. Then decided to go with another company the money order I purchased I’d made out to the first fuel company. I sent a MoneyGram to someone & I’d like to get a refund but the problem is the money has already been cashed. Still have questions? While some ATMs are set up to accept money orders, I would recommend depositing it with a bank teller; this minimizes the risk of having the deposit rejected later, which can cause a major headache if the funds are suddenly withdrawn from your account when you aren’t expecting it.

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